As the only Filipino-owned oil major, PETRON – with its commitment to sustain the country’s fuel requirements spanning more than 85 years – has always placed the needs of the Filipino motorists at the forefront of its endeavors.  

Taking this promise a step further, Petron is launching its “Fuel Wise” advocacy, a comprehensive campaign that aims to help Filipino motorists choose wise options to ensure that they are safe on the road, that their vehicles are properly maintained, that they get good fuel mileage, and that they use high-quality fuel. Here are some examples of Petron Fuel Wise tips:

ROAD SAFETY: “Going for a long drive? Aside from checking your engine and gears, remember to take note of emergency hotlines and emergency stops on major highways. Fuel Wise.”

CAR CARE: “Replacing clogged air filters regularly can improve engine performance and increase acceleration time and gas mileage. Fuel Wise.”

FUEL EFFICIENCY: “Did you know that having the right tire pressure provides less road friction and less road friction means less fuel consumption? Fuel Wise.”

FUEL QUALITY: “Cheaper price does not guarantee quality. The few pesos you save today may end up costing you more tomorrow. Fuel Wise.”

CONSUMER PROTECTION: “Always ask for your receipt. Fuel Wise.”

With the roll-out of the Petron “Fuel Wise” advocacy, commuters will see road safety reminders, car-care advice, fuel efficient driving tips, and fuel recommendations in electronic billboards as well as banners and streamers in strategic locations. Stickering activities are also being conducted nationwide to enjoin more motorists in supporting the advocacy.

Through a dedicated R&D team constantly creating fuels that will deliver optimum performance and efficiency for every type of vehicle, Petron has been acknowledged as a fuel innovator and a trusted source of quality fuel. It invested USD2 billion in upgrading its Bataan refinery to ensure that its products, while processed locally, meet and even surpass global standards. And, with the widest network of more than 2,400 stations nationwide, even the more remote countryside areas are sure to have access to the products and services offered by Petron.

With its deep understanding of Philippine driving conditions and utmost concern for the welfare of motorists, the new advocacy further strengthens Petron’s commitment to provide Filipino consumers with the best experience at every touch point, with a guarantee that they are indeed being ‘Fuel Wise’ with Petron.