Our Shareholdings and Group Structure


Petron has an authorized capital stock of Ten Billion Pesos (P10,000,000,000.00) divided into Nine Billion Three Hundred Seventy-Five Million One Hundred Four Thousand Four Hundred Ninety-Seven (9,375,104,497) common shares and Six Hundred Twenty-Four Million Eight Hundred Ninety-Five Thousand Five Hundred Three (624,895,503) preferred shares, all with a par value of One Peso (P1.00) each.

As of March 31, 2024, the outstanding capital stock of Petron and its shareholdings are as follows:

1. Outstanding Capital Stock

     Common Shares                          9,375,104,497

     Series 3A Preferred Shares              13,403,000

     Series 3B Preferred Shares               6,597,000

Series 4A Preferred Shares               5,000,000

Series 4B Preferred Shares              2,995,000

Series 4C Preferred Shares             6,005,000

2. Shareholdings

Stockholder Number of Common Shares % of Ownership of Common Shares Number of Preferred Shares % of Ownership of Preferred Shares
SEA Refinery Corporation  4,696,885,564  50.10%  0  0
San Miguel Corporation  1,702,870,560  18.16%  0  0
Others (including Public) 2,975,348,373  31.74%

13,403,000 Series 3A

6,597,000 Series 3B

5,000,000 Series 4A

2,995,000 Series 4B

6,005,000 Series 4C


Exchange Where Listed

The outstanding common and preferred shares of Petron are listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Top 100 Stockholders

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