Promo Mechanics:

  1. Buy 2 boxes of Treats Bread (12pcs), get a savings of P24
  2. Applicable to all stores selling Treats Bread
  3. Participating Treats Bread is limited to 14 variants (see complete list of products)
  4. Use the provided promo code only (see barcode sheet)

List of Bread variants:

  1. Hotdog Roll
  2. Bacon Roll
  3. Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread
  4. Pork Floss
  5. Luncheon Meat Bun
  6. Pandesal Tuna
  7. Cheese Roll
  8. Pandesal Corned Beef
  9. Glazed Coffee Bun
  10. Cheesy Ensaymada
  11. Mocha Cinnamon Roll
  12. Tuna Pimiento
  13. Pandesal Ube Cheese
  14. Choco Hazelnut Bun

For the list of participating Treats stores click HERE.

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-182881 Series of 2023