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Where can I buy a Petron Value Card?

You may avail a Petron Value Card at any participating Petron service stations nationwide for only P100.00.

How do I register my PVC?

You may register your PVC via SMS or the Petron Value Card app:


REG 16-digit PVC number First Name/Middle Name/Last Name Birthday (MM/DD/YYYY) Complete Address

SEND to 0919-160-3111

Example: REG 9009123456789009 John Paul/Santos/Dela Cruz 06/10/1968 40 San Miguel Avenue, Mandaluyong City

Via PVC app

  1. Download the PVC app thru App Store (iOS) or Google Playstore (Android)
  2. Create an account and provide all the required information.
  3. Tap Add Card button and type your 16-digit PVC number.
How do I register my Pag-Ibig Card?

To register your Pag-Ibig card thru SMS, simply text:

REG 1430+12-digit Pag-IBIG number First Name/Middle Name/Last Name Birthday (MM/DD/YYYY)

SEND to 0919-160-3111

Example: REG 14309009123456789009 John Paul/Santos/Dela Cruz 06/10/1968

Note: Remember to input 1430 before the 12-digit number printed on the Pag-Ibig card

Where can I download the PVC app?

You can download it via Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. Just search “Petron Value Card” on the search bar.

How do I make my PVC card reflect on my PVC app?

For new users, simply click the “Add Card” option in the Cards module of the mobile app then select the card.

For existing users, register in the app using the mobile number you used when you registered the PVC via SMS for the card to automatically appear on the app.

How do I update my personal/contact information in my PVC?

Simply open your PVC mobile app and click on the user icon found at the upper right corner, beside the notification bell. Next, click “Edit” and proceed to customize your profile. Make sure to hit the save button at the bottom of the screen to make sure all changes you made will reflect on your profile.

To change the following, you must send an email to petronvaluecard@petron.com:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Birthdate
What are the perks and benefits of a PVC?

Our Petron Value Card is packed with rewards and benefits with you in mind! Aside from earning peso-points rewards for every fuel, engine oil and Gasul purchase, PVC holders are entitled to show card or app discounts at our partner merchants and establishments, free 24/7 Roadside and Towing Assistance, and Personal Accident Insurance coverage. *

To learn more, CLICK HERE.

*Subject to Terms and Conditions

What is the pointing system in the PVC?

For every 5 liters of Regular fuel (XCS, XTR, or Diesel Max), PVC holders can earn 1 PVC point. While for every 5 liters of Premium fuel (Blaze and Turbo Diesel), PVC holders are entitled to 1.5 PVC points.
CLICK HERE To learn more about the pointing system of Petron Value Card.

How does the birthday point system?

The birthday offer is valid only for your first fuel transaction on your birthday and remains applicable for up to 30 days. Here is the pointing system:

  • 5 PVC points for 0.80 to 9.99 liters of fuel
  • 15 PVC points for 10 to 19.99 liters of fuel
  • 25 PVC points for 20 to 500 liters of fuel
Where can I check my PVC points/balance?

You may check your points thru SMS, text:

BAL 16-digit PVC number

SEND to 0919-160-3111

Example: BAL 9009123456789009

You may also check your points/balance by downloading the Petron Value Card app on Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

How do I redeem my PVC points?

You may redeem your PVC points at participating Petron service stations, CCCs, and Treats stores to purchase our world-class fuels and lubricants, LPG, and other products and services. The card must be registered before redeeming your points.

Can I still earn point(s) after I make a purchase using my loyalty point?

Yes, purchases made with PVC points are still eligible for PVC points earning, if the customer’s monthly points limit and count of Petron products and services availed have not yet been reached.

How do I convert my PVC points to cellphone load?

The E-load Redemption feature is currently undergoing improvements to enhance your experience.

To redeem points, text:

REDEEM16-digit PVC number Amount (20, 30, 50, 60, 100) Cellphone number (upon registration of your Petron Value Card)

SEND to 0919-160-3111

Example: REDEEM 9009123456789009 20 09123456789

Please make sure that the mobile number that you are using to redeem your points is the same as the mobile number you used when you registered your PVC.

How do I redeem PAL Mabuhay Miles with the use of my PVC card?

For validation purposes, kindly send the following details via email to our PVC team (petronvaluecard@petron.com)

  1. Full name
  2. PVC number
  3. Mobile number
  4. Email address
  5. Mabuhay Miles number
  6. Total PVC points for conversion to Mabuhay Miles

A few other things to take note of:

  • 2 PVC points is equivalent to 3 Mabuhay Miles points.
  • The minimum conversion is 20 PVC points.
Does the PVC cover towing assistance?

Cardholders must have at least 100 liters of fuel purchased from the previous month at Petron to avail of the free 24-hour Towing and Roadside Assistance privilege nationwide from our partner, Automobile Association Philippines (AAP).

CLICK HERE to read the Terms and Conditions.

Does the PVC have insurance?

A Petron Value Card holder that has 20-liter fuel purchase from the previous month is entitled to free Personal Accident Insurance Cover from our partner, OONA Insurance.

CLICK HERE to read the Terms and Conditions.

Does the PVC expire?

No, the PVC membership and points do not expire.

I want to replace my current PVC and transfer my points, what should I do?

You may buy a new one at participating Petron stations and email petronvaluecard@petron.com with details of your old and new card numbers and contact information to transfer your points from your old PVC.

I lost my PVC, what do I do?

Please immediately call our Petron Value Card hotline to report your lost card at (02) 8-802-7777

  • 1-800-100-738766 (PETRON) for PLDT & affiliated telcos subscribers
  • 1-800-30-738766 (PETRON) for Digitel subscribers
I have some inquiries about my PVC, who can I contact?

Please call our Petron Value Card hotline at (02) 8- 802-7777, so that we can assist you personally.
You may also email petronvaluecard@petron.com.

  • 1-800-100-738766 (PETRON) for PLDT & affiliated telcos subscribers
  • 1-800-30-738766 (PETRON) for Digitel subscribers
Where to know more about Petron Fleet Cards?

For Petron Fleet Card inquiries, you may call (02) 8-802-7777 or email PetronFleetCard@petron.com. You may also CLICK HERE to know more about our Fleet Cards.

I lost my Fleet Card, what should I do?

PFC accounts should immediately inform its respective Fleet Coordinator/Manager so to temporarily suspend the lost card and/or request for a replacement.

What are the different types of fleet cards?
  • Driver Card (D)
    The Driver Card operates like a regular credit card. The name of the cardholder is embossed on the face of the card. The limits are linked to the individual and the cardholder can bring any vehicle.
  • Vehicle Card (V)
    The Vehicle Card allows any driver to use the card. The plate number of the vehicle is embossed on the face of the card. The limits are linked to the vehicle. A report on the vehicle’s fuel consumption based on its odometer reading is available for this type of card.
  • Driver-Vehicle Card (DV)
    As an additional control, the Driver-Vehicle Card contains both the name of the cardholder and the details about the vehicle. A report on the vehicle’s fuel consumption based on its odometer reading is available for this type of card.
How much can we load in the Petron e-Fuel Card?

Any value in Pesos from a minimum of P1,000.00 may be pre-loaded on the Petron e-FUEL Card. A card fee of P50.00 will be charged to any amount less than P1,000.00.

Is the Petron e-Fuel Card transferrable?

Yes, the Petron e-FUEL card is transferrable.

Is the Petron e-Fuel Card redeemable for cash or credit?

No, it is not redeemable for cash or credit and is not replaceable when damaged or lost.

How many times can I use my Petron e-Fuel Card?

The card may be used as many times as the cardholder wishes throughout its validity period until the full amount stored in the card is depleted.

Who will keep track of my Petron e-Fuel Card’s remaining load and usage?

The cardholder is responsible for monitoring usage of preloaded value and may inquire for card balance through text messaging. To check the remaining value stored on the card, visit this LINK.Card balance can be checked through BPI’s phone banking and at participating Petron stations.

I intend to use the Petron eFUEL as a marketing tool for our company, is it possible to have our company’s logo printed on the card?

With prior arrangements, your brand may be printed on the Petron e-FUEL Card. For inquiries, call 8802-7777 or email prepaidcard@petron.com.

What are the eFuel affiliated service stations?

Click HERE for the list of affiliated service stations.

How do I apply for an eFUEL Card?

For your orders and inquiry, please email us at prepaidcard@petron.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Who are eligible to apply for a Petron BPI Card?

Applicants must be at least 21 years old with a minimum fixed monthly income of P15,000 (excluding overtime, commissions, or other service fees). For supplementary cards, applicants must be at least 13 years old.

What are the benefits of owning a Petron BPI Card?

Below are the exclusive features of the Petron BPI Card:

  • 3% Fuel Rebate
  • Php 200 Free Petron Fuel Voucher for newly approved principal cardholders
How many Petron BPI card-affiliated stations are there?

There are more than 1,199 BPI-affiliated stations nationwide.

Are there annual membership fees for the Petron BPI Card?

Yes. The annual membership fee is free on the first year and Php 1,550 on the second year and onwards.

How can I apply for a Petron BPI Card

Click HERE to apply. Be sure to fill it out completely.

How can I earn Petron Peso Points? Earn Petron Peso Points* every time you buy Petron fuels, lubricants and/or Gasul LPG using cash, debit, or credit cards (excluding Petron Fleet Card)
PETRON AUTOMOTIVE FUELS PETRON LUBRICANTS (for stations with RPOS only) GASUL LPG (for stations with RPOS only)
  • 1 point for every 5-liter purchase of Xtra Advance, XCS, and Diesel Max (0.20pt/liter)
  • 1.5 points for every 5-liter purchase of Blaze 100 and Turbo Diesel (0.30pt/liter)
  • 10 points for every 1-liter purchase of Premium lube products
  • 40 points for every 4-liter purchase of Premium lube products
  • 5 points for every 1-liter purchase of Regular lube products
  • 20 points for every 4-liter purchase of Regular lube products
  • 10 points for every 11-kg purchase of Gasul Elite and Gasul LPG product
  • 5 points for every 7-kg and 2.7kg purchase of Gasul LPG product

Value of 1 Point = Php 1.00