Be a Vendor Partner

We at Petron are interested to partner with licensed, highly competent, and very reliable vendors who meet our accreditation requirements.

General Engineering/General Contractor

Technical Services

Training and Professional Services

Surveying Services

Building and Facility Maintenance Services

Preventive Maintenance Services

Manpower Services

Security Services

Healthcare and Occupational Safety Services

Market Study

Analysis Services

General Services

Disposal Services

IT/Communication Services

Material Handling Machinery & Equipment


Electrical Equipment, Spares and Supplies

Fluid & Gas Distribution

Packaging Materials & Packing supplies

Clothing Apparel

Bio Chemicals and Gas Materials

Fuels and Fuel Additives

Building and Construction Supplies

Fire Protection

Personal Safety & Protection Materials

Tools and General Machinery

Measuring & Testing Equipment

Pumps & Compressors

Power, Motors, Batteries and Generators

Hardware Items

Bearings, Gears, Gaskets & Seals

Paper Products and Cards

Tanks, Cylinders and their accessories


Collectibles and Awards

Arts & Crafts Accessories and Supplies

Promotional Merchandise & Packaging

Printed Materials

Office Equipment & Appliances

Container & Storage

Filters & Screens

IT Products, Automation & Communication Products & Accessories

Instrumentation Products & Accessories

Heating equipment and parts and accessories

Vehicles, spares and accessories

Heavy Construction Machinery & Equipment


Industrial Cleaning Equipment/Materials

Admin Use