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Petron has always reserved a special place for art. For over ten years, we have honored the Filipino and campaigned for the rediscovery and promotion of our rich Philippine culture. Through our highly successful and award-winning national art competition, ArtPetron, we have established a platform for young artists to translate and capture our unique way of life with their paintings and photographs. Their masterpieces, we believe, reawaken our slumbering national identity and preserve our heritage for generations to come.

In 2011, we embarked on a new journey and evolved ArtPetron into Everyone’s Vision Petron.

Vision Petron broadens its perspective by including other art forms such as T-shirt design, dance, music, and cinema into its already known painting and photography categories.

Our theme in 2011, “Lakbay Pinoy: Journeys to Remember, Pathways to Discover,” is a tribute to the Filipino’s love affair with travelling. “Lakbay Pinoy immortalizes our varied experiences on the road and reveals the many secrets of our journeys,” Petron Marketing AVP Ana M. Neri says. “As a company with the widest service station network, we find Lakbay Pinoy a fitting theme. After all, Petron has been the Filipino’s companion on the road for many decades now.” Lakbay Pinoy also coincides with the 25th anniversary of Lakbay Alalay, Petron’s pioneering motorist assistance program.

At the end of its run, Vision Petron was bestowed with two prestigious Anvil Awards of Excellence by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines: one in the digital-internet category for its set of e-cards for every day of the year, and another one in the external publications category for its promotional materials (i.e. publications, desk calendars, planners, all-occasion cards, etc.).

Ms. Neri concludes, “What beats at the heart of Vision Petron is the mission to contribute to nation-building through art. Through Vision Petron, we believe that we are enhancing the artistry of the youth, strengthening our national identity, and ultimately, uniting Filipinos everywhere through their innate love for art. This is Petron’s commitment to Philippine culture as a Filipino company.”

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