Sustainability Journey

Our Conservation Efforts

Petron's sustainability continues to be represented by a propeller in motion. 

Our sustainability priorities represent our integrated approach to realize our vision to be the leading provider of total customer solutions in the energy sector and its derivative businesses, and our mission to promote the best interest of all our stakeholders and the environment. 

ECONOMIC RESPONSIBILITY. We commit to the creation of long-term economic value and mutual advantage for our company and its shareholders 

ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP. We commit to business practices that help protect the environment knowing that this accordingly safeguards the interests of our company and its stakeholders over the long term.

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY. We commit to the continuous improvement of our operations and in our supply chain, guided by global efficiency standards. 

HEALTH AND SAFETY. We commit to fully abiding by laws and regulations that ensure the health and safety of personnel, contractors, and surrounding communities, with the ultimate aim of going beyond compliance. 

PEOPLE MANAGEMENT. We commit to the implementation of personnel development programs and practices that ensure the success of our company is reflected in the lives of the people that work hard for it. 

STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS. We commit to building on shared strengths with business partners and other stakeholders in our quest to serve customers better while creating more value for our investors. 

PRODUCT AND SERVICE INNOVATION. We commit to investing in research and development for the continuous enhancement of our products, services, and processes in order to delight our customers, achieve competitive advantage, help shape the industry, and fuel environmental protection.

ADVOCACY AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. We commit to ensuring our company's positive contribution to the economic and social needs of our surrounding communities through education, entrepreneurship, health, and livelihood programs. We likewise commit to support the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and the national government's poverty alleviation agenda.

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