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Direct Line:   (632) 884-9251
Fax   (632) 884-0940 or (632) 884-0950
Mail:   Network Development & Expansion – Reseller Trade
Ground Floor, San Miguel Corp
Head Office Complex
40 San Miguel Avenue
Mandaluyong City 1550 Metro Manila

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Petron Corporation

San Miguel Corp. Head Office Complex
40 San Miguel Avenue
1550 Mandaluyong City


How was your Petron experience?  We would appreciate receiving feedback.

Type: TALK2US (space) (message) and SEND to 0977-8-738766 

Feedback Hotline: #PETRON (#738766)


Toll Free Numbers:

1-800-100-738766 (PETRON) for PLDT & affiliated telcos subscribers
1-800-30-738766 (PETRON) for Digitel subscribers
1-800-548-3888 8 for Bayantel subscribers

Telefax: (632) 802-7778 or 802-7779