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    The LPG (liquefied petroleum gasoline) business involves the distribution and/or refilling of our LPG Brands: Petron Gasul and Petron Fiesta Gas. 

    Customer satisfaction is another part of the business. We are interested to partner with individuals who are not just passionate and hard working, but are also friendly and service-oriented. 

    Read on to learn more about our business and how we can become partners.


    We have two types of business partners:

    1. LPG Dealers
      They are involved in buying and storing of Petron LPG products in their outlets and delivering them directly to consumers in strategic locations
    2. LPG Refilling Plant Operators
      They are involved in maintaining Petron LPG products in storage tanks in their plants, and refilling Petron LPG product cylinders for commercial distribution.


    Dealers are "Petron" to the public. We take great care in selecting our dealers, whom we consider as partners in providing our customers with premium products and quality services.

    To give you an overview, below is our selection process:

      First step is to write a letter of intent addressed to Petron Corporation. On your letter, please specify the following information:
      • Type of LPG Business Partnership
      • Location of proposed outlet (LPG Dealer) or plant address (LPG Refilling Plant Operator)
      (Click on APPLY NOW below to see our office addresses for Luzon and Visayas-Mindanao applicants.)

      Upon receipt, we will review your letter and contact you directly should we need additional information to help in our assessment.

      We will advise you of our review's results as soon as possible.
      When you pass our screening process, we will share with you the good news immediately.

      We will also ask you to enroll in a seven-day Petron LPG Dealers Management Course. Through the course, we will equip you with product knowledge, safety skills, and sale and marketing know-how.

      For Refilling Plant Operators, we will conduct a hands-on training onsite for one-month, which may occur before or during your business operations.
      For LPG Dealers, refurbishment of your outlet can take place as soon as we give approval to your business proposal. We will give you our suggested design for your shop and hauling trucks.

      The same goes with LPG Refilling Plant Operators. In addition to our suggested designs to brand your plant and lorry truck, we will help you shoulder expenses to acquire equipment that will ensure our product's integrity as well as your safety.

      We are your partner in setting up your very own LPG business. Trust that you can rely on us from application to operation of your business.

    We welcome you to send your letters of intent to:

    For Luzon Applicants:
    Address: Petron Gasul-Pasig, Bo.
    Ugong, Pasig, Metro Manila
    Tel. No.: (02) 671-9817

    For Visayas-Mindanao Applicants:
    Address: Petron Mandaue Terminal,
    Looc, Mandaue City
    Tel. No.: (032) 344-7341 to 44 loc. 50158

    Should you have additional inquiries, kindly call our Petron Customer Interaction Center (PCIC):

    Hotline No.: (632) 802-7777
    Toll Free No.: 1-800-100-738766 (PETRON)

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Petron Corporation

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Toll Free Numbers:

1-800-100-738766 (PETRON) for PLDT & affiliated telcos subscribers
1-800-30-738766 (PETRON) for Digitel subscribers
1-800-548-3888 8 for Bayantel subscribers

Telefax: (632) 802-7778 or 802-7779