Sustainability Journey

Our Sustainability Policy

We at Petron Corporation believe that we have a solemn responsibility to our stakeholders to continue growing our business while also creating healthier and safer communities, and a cleaner environment.

We believe that sustaining our leadership in the local oil industry is not just defined by our profitability, our market share, our world-class products, or our operational efficiency; our leadership also means being at the forefront of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

These beliefs guide us in the way we do our business to further enhance our performance, and maximize our positive impact on our business, our society, our nation, and our planet. Consistent with these principles, we commit to meeting the following sustainability priorities:

Economic Responsibility – creating long-term economic value and mutual advantage for our company and our shareholders.

Governance – to comply with, and exceed where practicable, all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of corporate conduct and practice.

Environmental Stewardship – to consistently measure and effectively manage our environmental footprint in every aspect of our operations.

Operational Efficiency – to ensure the continuous improvement of our operations and in our supply chain, guided by global standards of efficiency.

Health and Safety – to ensure that our work does not compromise safety values and to seek ways at every opportunity to promote and improve the health of our personnel, contractors, and surrounding communities.

People Management – to create a fair, conducive and enabling work environment for the growth and development of our employees and the betterment of their families.

Strategic Partnerships – to foster alliances with every stakeholder to ensure sustainable development of our communities while serving customers better and creating more value for our investors.

Product and Service Innovation – to continually come up with products, services, and processes that delight our customers, attain competitive advantage, help shape the industry and fuel environmental protection.

Advocacy and Social Responsibility – to ensure our company's positive contribution to the economic and social needs of our communities, anchored on national and global development goals and principles.

We shall regularly review our corporate performance and report our progress publicly, based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) International Guidelines on Sustainability Reporting.

Our efforts shall be driven by the strong team spirit of an excellent Petron workforce from all levels of the organization and buoyed by the dynamic partnership with our stakeholders whom we continue to engage, as we set out to make our business last and the future secure and sound.