Brand & Promotions

Lakbay Alalay

In Filipino, "Lakbay" means to journey while "alalay" means to aid or give a helping hand. In the service of the Filipinos on the road, Petron introduced Lakbay Alalay over 25 years ago to serve as a reliable travelling companion. Today, it is the country's pioneer and longest-running motorist assistance program.

Run by Petron employee-volunteers, Lakbay Alalay provides free 38-point service check-ups. This includes free checks on tire pressure, oil and radiator water level, and brakes inspection. We also provide emergency roadside assistance such as free minor car repairs, first aid, and emergency phone calls at service stations along the major toll ways and highways.

Beyond these regular services, we also provide new and exciting promotions to make travelling a convenient and fun experience for motorists.