Here in Petron, we consider our human resource as our most valued asset. We believe that we continue to be an industry leader with global aspirations because of the leadership, competence, and teamwork of our people.

We are looking for professionals who share our values of integrity, innovation, and excellence to join our team. We encourage you to be part of our pool of talents by emailing your updated resume, transcript of records, and most recent 2x2 ID photo to Please indicate the position you are applying for in the subject line.

You may also submit to us your updated resume, transcript of records, and most recent 2x2 ID photo at:

  • Human Resources Management Department, Ground floor, San Miguel Corporation-Head Office Complex, 40 San Miguel Avenue, Mandaluyong City 1550 for Manila-based applicants;
  • or
  • Petron Mandaue Terminal, Brgy. Looc, Mandaue City for Visayas-Mindanao-based applicants.



    Carries out effective marketing and selling of company products in his specific area of assignment; also promotes and nurtures strong relationships with key customers.


    • Bachelor's degree / College degree in any field, preferably Engineering
    • At least 2 years experience in sales
    • High aptitude for sales and marketing work
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills
    • Knows how to drive
    • Willing to be assigned in provinces

    Assists in supervising and controlling the entire depot operations.


    • Ÿ Bachelor's degree / College degree in Mechanical, Electrical or Civil Engineering
    • Ÿ Licensed engineer
    • Ÿ Related work experience is an advantage
    • Ÿ Must be proficient in MS Offices
    • Ÿ Willing to be assigned in the provinces

    Responsible for ensuring prompt and efficient deliveries of products in the Depots.


    • Ÿ Bachelor's degree / College degree in Engineering, preferably Mechanical, Electrical or Chemical
    • Ÿ
    • ŸAt least 1 year experience in related field
    • Ÿ
    • ŸWilling to be assigned in provincial areas

    Implements service station maintenance, repair, and construction projects and monitors performance of preventive maintenance of contractors.


    • ŸŸŸBachelor's / College Degree in Engineering, preferably in Civil or Mechanical Engineering
    • Ÿ
    • ŸŸLicensed engineer
    • Ÿ
    • ŸŸAt least 2 years experience in project management and implementation
    • Ÿ
    • ŸŸMust know how to drive
    • Ÿ
    • ŸŸWilling to be assigned in the provinces

    Responsible for the preparation of various management reports particularly financial statements.


    • Ÿ Bachelor's degree / College degree in Commerce / Business Administration major in AccountingŸ
    • CPAŸ
    • At least 2 years related work experienceŸ
    • Excellent oral and written communication skillsŸ
    • Willingness to work flexible hours as required

    Responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of the risk management, control, and governance processes of the areas under review.


    • ŸŸ Bachelor's degree / College degree in Accountancy and EngineeringŸ
    • CPA / Licensed engineer; Certification in Internal Audit ( CIA ) is an advantageŸ
    • At least 2 years auditing experience in either operations or financialŸ
    • Excellent oral and written communication skillsŸ
    • Must be proficient in MS Office

    Responsible for assisting in the technical aspects of the overall refinery process operations, operating data analysis, environmental protection & pollution control, energy efficiency and conservation, and on the evaluation & process design of projects.


    • ŸBachelor's degree / College degree in Chemical, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
    • Ÿ
    • ŸLicensed engineer
    • ŸRelated work experience in process engineering & design, project management
    • Ÿ
    • ŸExperience in Refinery Operations is an advantage
    • Ÿ
    • ŸWilling to be assigned in Petron Bataan Refinery
    • ŸKnows how to drive

    Responsible for the safe and efficient operation of all equipment and facilities associated with processing of crude oil into various petroleum products.


    • ŸŸŸŸŸŸBachelor's degree / College degree in Chemical, Mechanical, or Electrical Engineering
    • ŸŸŸŸŸŸLicensed Engineer
    • ŸŸŸŸŸŸRelevant work experience is an advantage
    • ŸŸŸŸŸŸFresh graduate may be considered ( above average academic performance is a factor )
    • ŸŸŸŸŸŸWilling to be assigned in Petron Bataan Refinery

    Responsible for developing short-term and long-term marketing/corporate plans and strategies as well as evaluation/monitoring of programs, investments, and budgets; considers alignment and attainment of overall marketing and corporate objectives.


    • ŸŸŸŸŸŸŸ Bachelor's degree / College degree in Accountancy, Economics, Engineering or Business Management
    • Ÿ
    • ŸŸŸŸŸŸŸMaster's Degree in Business Administration is an advantage
    • Ÿ
    • ŸŸŸŸŸŸŸAt least 2 years work experience in planning, financial and project feasibility
    • Ÿ
    • ŸŸŸŸŸŸŸExcellent oral and written communication skills

    Responsible for administration functions such as handling of incoming /outgoing mails and phone calls, files management, transmission of correspondences, payment of bills, etc.


    • Ÿ Bachelor's degree / College degree in any courseŸ
    • At least 2 years work experience in handling admin functions.Ÿ
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills


We observe a rigorous hiring process for us to thoroughly screen the competency and suitability of our applicants with the requirement of our vacant positions.

Upon receipt of your application requirements, we begin our hiring process. Please be advised that the entire process may take one to three months to complete.

Below is an overview of how we conduct this hiring process:

Step 1: Preliminary Screening Evaluation of application requirements received in relation to the qualifications required of position being applied for.
Step 2: Preliminary Interview Qualified applicants are called in for an interview by our Human Resource Associate.
Step 3: Pre-Employment Examinations You will undergo a series of exams that will test your intellectual aptitude. Testing may take two to three hours.
Step 4: Line Interviews Should your test scores pass our required marks, we will call you in for a second interview, this time with the management members of your potential department. Depending on the department head's discretion, this may either be a panel, a one-on-one interview, or both.
Step 5: Medical Examination You will be called for a medical examination to provide us with more comprehensive results on your fitness to work, upon the endorsement of management members of your potential department.
Step 6: Line Decision The department head shall make a final decision based on the results of your pre-employment and medical examinations as well as your interviews.
Step 7: Salary Offer The successful candidate is called in for a salary offer. Should candidate agrees, he or she will be asked to sign an employment contract.


    Project Engineer

    I joined Petron in 2006, and it has been a rewarding experience. Being in Petron instilled in me the values of perseverance, patience, and honesty. It also gave me the opportunity to work with a diverse set of people, helping the company move towards a common goal. This is not to say that being in Petron is all work. There are also numerous activities geared towards self-improvement in various interests, such as sports, hobbies and personal finance. I am proud of being part of an industry leader, helping not just the company, but also the Filipino people.

    Executive Secretary

    I look back at the first years of my career with Petron with a feeling of pride. I remember feeling very proud whenever relatives and friends asked me where I worked. I feel a sense of fulfillment to be part of a company that is an industry leader and a catalyst towards nation-building. Through the years, my various experiences and attendance in seminars the company provided me with developed my skills and gave me the confidence to improve my performance. I will always be thankful to Petron for all the opportunities it has given me.


    Petron has given me limitless opportunities to grow, not just as a professional, but also as a well-rounded individual. The company has fostered the culture of employee empowerment through which it helped me discover my untapped potential and advance my leadership skills. Its commitment to excellence is greatly demonstrated by the best trainings it has provided us, recognizing that we, the employees, are its greatest asset. Through the company's various programs like Lakbay Alalay and Tulong Aral ng Petron, I was able to reach out and be of service, in my own little way, to my countrymen. Through Petron, I feel that I'm an integral part of a bigger picture, not just with the company, but to the whole Filipino community as well.

    Area Sales Manager

    Over my past 30 years of service in Petron, I have been assigned to handle several assignments. I started as an Administrative Systems Analyst. In 1984, I was temporarily assigned as Corporate Planning Analyst in the now defunct Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC) Marine Corporation, a shipyard and shipbuilding affiliate of PNOC. A year later, I assigned as Area Sales Executive for Petron Gasul's industrial sales. I assumed several sales positions later on before being assigned as Sales Coordinator in 2000 and being promoted to Gasul Luzon Industrial and Technical Manager and North Luzon Reseller Manager. Today, I am the Area Sales Manager for South Luzon.

    Throughout this long path and the numerous positions, I could say that I chartered a very challenging but fruitful and fulfilling career in a company which has more than adequately provided for my family's needs. With Petron, there was never any worry about the future because the company has always been there to support me and has compensated me well for the service that I have rendered. Although the work can be taxing sometimes, my colleagues and friends have been very valuable in developing my well-being as an individual, a professional, and a Petron representative. As a sales manager, the sense of accomplishment at seeing satisfied customers, improving sales volumes, strengthening business ties with dealers and partners, and contributing substantially to the company's profitability and bottom-line is something that an employee like me can be truly proud of.

    What I like about Petron? Stability, prestige, benefits, and growth opportunities. More importantly, I feel a sense of positive self-worth and improvement from my valuable work experience, continuous and relevant training, and various learning. The company has imbibed in me the values of professionalism, hard work, due diligence, camaraderie, and leadership. Petron, as the number one petroleum company in the Philippines, has been a major part of my life and being one with Petron for the past three decades has truly been rewarding. Be one with Petron and you will feel like you're number one!