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  • The Petron Fleet Card is the country's first microchip-driven fleet card. The microchip technology allows you to transact business anytime. Unlike other fleet cards, you don't have to experience offline worries with the Petron Fleet Card. All transactions are honored anytime so you don't have to wait. It is the most reliable and dependable solution to fleet management.

    The Petron Fleet Card also comes with a great variety of usage options to streamline fleet operations. Not only does it allow cashless transaction, it makes monitoring and controlling fuel expenses easier. It also offers more flexibility for assigning product restrictions and purchase limits, and maximum security from tampering or unscrupulous usage. As an added benefit, it is bundled with a loyalty program.

    • Features & Benefits

      The Petron Fleet Card is packed with the following rewards and benefits:

      • ŸInterest-Free Credit Facility
        Enjoy the convenience of a credit facility that allows fleet vehicles to fuel up now and pay later at no added cost. Manage your cash flow more efficiently while maximizing all the benefits that the card can offer.
      • ŸLoyalty Program: Earn Points On Purchases
        Automatically earn points from each purchase and redeem them for exciting items for the company.
      • ŸFree 24-Hour Towing & Roadside Assistance Privilege
        Bank on a 'round the clock Towing and Roadside Assistance through our strong and exclusive partnership with Ibero Asistencia. A dedicated hotline number (02) 751-0388 is available to all cardholders. Click here to view Ibero's Terms and Conditions.

        Be assured that your employees are safe and your fleet units are running smoothly any time of day.

        * Subject to terms and conditions of the service provider (hyperlink to Ibero's Terms & Conditions)
      • ŸSingle Invoice System
        Collecting invoices and receipts issued to drivers or individual cardholders are a thing of the past! With the Petron Fleet Card, a Single VAT-Invoice and consolidated BIR-registered Official Receipt system merges all proof of fleet transactions every month.
      • ŸComprehensive MIS Reporting
        On a regular basis, you will receive the following reports which can help you review the fuel and other product utilization of your fleet: - Monthly Statement of Account - Fuel Consumption Analysis - Fleet Manager's Report - Transaction Detail Report
      • ŸWeb Module
        Conveniently access your account online. Get information, download data, or print out transaction details. A secure log-in ID is provided for the fleet manager to access the web module. Our enhanced website, with automated daily updates, ensures that all the information a fleet manager might need is just a click away—anytime, anywhere.
      • ŸLow Joining And Membership Fees
        One-time Joining Fee: Php5,000 per account (i.e. for the whole company).
        Annual Membership Fee: Php300 per card
        Replacement Fee for Lost Cards: Php400
    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      • ŸWhat are the benefits of owning a Petron Fleet Card?
        Petron Fleet Card is your total solution to fleet management. Every Petron Fleet Card comes with a microchip that enables maximum control and greater variety of usage options to streamline fleet operations. Not only does it allow cashless transactions, it makes monitoring and controlling fuel expenses easier as well. With a fully adaptable fleet management system and an array of value-added services, it is the most efficient and economical way to handle a fleet.

      • ŸIs there a minimum volume or vehicle requirement?
        There is a minimum requirement of 2,000 Liters per month or 10 vehicles.

      • What are the types of Petron Fleet Card?
        There are three card type options that you can choose from:
        • Operator Card. Just like regular credit cards, it bears the authorized cardholder's name. The Operator Card is best suited for companies that provide gasoline allowance for its employees. The Operator Card holder may use the card regardless of the vehicle he drives.
        • Vehicle Card. The Vehicle Card is best for ensuring that fuel purchases are loaded only into authorized vehicles regardless of vehicle driver. One Vehicle Card corresponds to one vehicle. Along with monthly statements of account, you get reports on fuel consumption to help you monitor trips made by official vehicles. And as an added security feature, a four-digit driver code can be issued to each authorized driver to identify which one is using the authorized vehicle at any given time.
        • Operator-Vehicle Card. This card can only be used by the cardholder and only for the vehicle specified on the card - perfect for fleets that assign particular vehicles to specific individuals.
      • Can I limit the purchases of my fleet?
        Absolutely. You can predetermine the products or even the purchase amount or volume you want your fleet to avail. Select from a wide array of products and services like fuel, services, or even from our convenience stores.

      • Where can I use my Petron Fleet Card?
        You can use your Petron Fleet Card at any participating Petron station strategically located nationwide. To identify a participating Petron station, look for signages, streamers, or ask the station attendants. You will be initially provided a list and regularly informed of additional Petron stations that accept the Petron Fleet Card.

      • How many fleet-affiliated stations are there?
        There are more than 730 fleet-affiliated stations nationwide.

      • Where can we access the reports?
        Reports are sent monthly but the authorized fleet manager may access the reports via the web module.

      • Are there card fees?
        Yes. The one-time joining fee is Php5,000 per account (i.e. for the whole company). The membership fee per annum is Php300 per card. Replacement card fee for damaged card is Php250 while Lost Card is Php400.

      • Where can I pay my Petron Fleet Card bills?
        You may pay your Petron Fleet Card bills through the various payment channels – Unionbank, BDO, and Allied Bank.

      • How can I apply?
        Click here to download the application form.

        Be sure to completely fill out the application form and include required documents prior to submission to:
        Petron Cards Business Group
        G/F San Miguel Corporation Head Office Complex
        40 San Miguel Avenue, Mandaluyong City 1550
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    • Apply Now!

      Downloadable application form in pdf format here

      Send all applications to:
      Petron Cards Business Group
      G/F San Miguel Corporation Head Office Complex
      40 San Miguel Avenue, Mandaluyong City 1550

      You may call the following hotline numbers below from 7:30 AM -10:00 PM on weekdays; and 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM on weekends.
      Metro Manila: (02) 886-3175 to 78 or (02) 884-0900
      PLDT Toll-Free: 1-800-10-7387661
      Digitel Toll-Free: 1-800-31-738766
      Mobile Numbers: 0916-533-3761 or 0922-851-8937 and 39

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