Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Industry leader Petron Corporation initially launched its new E10 Premium product in selected service stations in Metro Manila as part of its efforts to make available cheaper and more environment-friendly fuels for motorists. Amid soaring gasoline prices, the company’s E10 Premium will be priced P2.00/liter cheaper than Xtra Unleaded 93 RON.

Petron E10 Premium is a new specially formulated unleaded gasoline that meets and exceeds the requirements of the Philippine Biofuels Law. It contains 10% fuel grade Ethanol and 90% Petron Premium Unleaded Gasoline with enhanced fuel additive. This unique additive allows the removal of existing deposits, which results in improved power and fuel economy. The company’s introduction of ethanol is ahead of the implementation of the Biofuels Law of 2006 which mandates a 5% ethanol blend in gasolines by 2009 and a 10% blend by 2011.
“The early introduction of Petron E10 Premium ahead of the government’s mandate is part of our efforts to promote the use of environment-friendly alternative fuels that can be produced locally. Once available in the country, the use of ethanol as an additive to gasoline will lessen our dependence on imported oil,” Petron Chairman and CEO Nicasio I. Alcantara said.

In the middle of 2006, Petron signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with San Carlos Bioenergy, Inc. (SCBI) to off-take SCBI’s entire ethanol production. SCBI is constructing an integrated sugar mill, cogeneration plant and distillery complex for ethanol production in San Carlos, Negros Occidental. The facility will be capable of producing 125,000 liters of anhydrous ethanol (99.5% purity) daily. It will be fueled entirely from bio-mass resources particularly bagasse. The plant is expected to be operational by end-2008.

Ethanol is a high-octane, water-free alcohol produced from sugar cane and other crops such as corn, cassava, sweet sorghum. It is used as a blending component at 5%-10% concentrations in gasoline. Unlike fossil fuels, ethanol is virtually inexhaustible since agricultural products can be grown and harvested continually under a sustainable system.

“The use of ethanol in gasoline will have a positive impact on the environment since it is biodegradable and significantly reduces harmful exhaust emissions. For motorists, the use of Petron’s E10 Premium is very beneficial since its special formulation cleans the engine and enhances combustion. This translates to more fuel economy at a time when local prices are very high,” Petron President Kamal M. Al-Yahya added.
Petron E10 Premium may be used in majority of fuel-injected vehicles, whether old or new. It can be used without the need for expensive engine modification. Before filling up with E-10 Premium, however, it is advisable to refer to your car or to consult with your car dealer.

Ethanol is widely used in countries such as Brazil, United States and Canada. Recognizing the advantages of ethanol, other countries such as Thailand, China, India and Japan have their own ethanol programs.

“The production of ethanol as a gasoline substitute is expected to spur capital investment, job creation, andeconomic development in the country, especially in rural areas,” Alcantara added. 
In the coming months, Petron will introduce E10 Premium in additional service stations to serve more motorists.

  • Visayas Avenue, Quezon City
  • Marcos Hi-way (Westbound), Pasig City
  • Marcos Hi-way (Eastbound), Pasig City
  • A. Santos Ave, Paranaque
  • San Marcelino Paco Manila
  • Quezon Avenue, Quezon City