Investor Relations

Filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission

  1. General Information Sheet
  2. SEC Form 17-A (Annual Report)
  3. SEC Form 17-Q (Quarterly Report)
  4. SEC Form 17-C (Current Report) - Uploaded in "Our Disclosures"
  5. SEC Form 20-IS (Information Statement) with Notice and Agenda of Meeting
  6. SEC Form 23-A/B (Statement of Beneficial Ownership)
  7. Perpetual Preferred Shares Series 2
  8. Peso-Denominated Fixed Rate Bonds
  9. Peso-Denominated Fixed Rate Bonds (Applications)

Contact Us

Petron Corporation

San Miguel Corp. Head Office Complex
40 San Miguel Avenue
1550 Mandaluyong City

Hotline Number: (632) 802-7777
Toll Free Numbers:

1-800-100-738766 (PETRON) for PLDT & affiliated telcos subscribers
1-800-30-738766 (PETRON) for Digitel subscribers
1-800-548-3888 8 for Bayantel subscribers

Telefax: (632) 802-7778 or 802-7779